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Key outcomes for North Somerset

Find Your Talent North Somerset has committed to creating new opportunities for at least 10,000 children and young people across the age range 0-19 years during the life of the programme.

  •  Active involvement of children and young people in the planning and delivery of creative and cultural projects
  • Professional development of adults involved e.g. through the Arts Award Advisor training and locally developed programmes
  • Links to wider aims and objectives within the settings concerned, e.g. school development plans or youth centre work programmes
  • Use cultural activity to support specific groups of children and young people at risk of exclusion
  • Strong evaluation of processes and outcomes
  • Use of high quality local, regional and national partners to help raise aspirations and expectations
  • Secure sustainability beyond FYT funding by creating local practitioner hubs, co-ordinated by a dedicated Cultural Development Service

During the first year, the Find Your Talent North Somerset pathfinder has funded over 110 exciting projects enabling almost 14,000 children and young people from more than 85 North Somerset schools and youth settings to have a more active, empowering and inspiring engagement with the creative arts and culture.

As well as funding specific projects, Find Your Talent has created a practical infrastructure of 15 “Create Culture Groups” in local settings to enable young people to work alongside professional artists and organisations to shape, deliver and commission creative & cultural learning experiences.

To develop a stronger and sustainable relationship between children and young people, arts organisations, cultural practitioners and artists, Find Your Talent North Somerset is creating a pilot network of four cultural hubs to improve and expand the cultural offer to children and young people in North Somerset. The network of hubs working with the Create Culture Groups will be the driving force behind the next phase of the development of the pathfinder and details will be announced shortly.