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Breeze cultural network Breeze cultural network

17th July 2009

Breeze is a cultural network for professionals, including teachers and people working in cultural organisations.

Dance performance Dance performance

1st June 2009 - 10th July 2009

Find Your Talent Tower Hamlets developed a dance project aimed at identifying talent through years 7-8, identified throughout two schools, Central Foundation Girls School (a…

Telford Film Festival Telford Film Festival

7th July 2009

Telford Film Festival is a celebration of creative filmmaking talent and will remain an annual event on the regional cultural calendar.

Ballet premier at Bolton college Ballet premier at Bolton college

29th June 2009 - 4th July 2009

Pupils at the Astley Bridge worked with the English National Ballet to appear in the premiere of its new production in Bolton.

Youth in action Youth in action

15th June 2009 - 3rd July 2009

The Youth in Action project sees 15 young people from the Mpumalanga region of South Africa travel to North Somerset to share their creative and…

Displaying 221 to 225 of 242 results