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Moving Bodies

Children’s confidence increased by dance.

1st February 2010 - 30th June 2010

Moving bodies was a movement and dance project that was designed to allow young people of pre-school age to take the lead in activities and thus engage them and grow their self confidence.

The sessions allowed the children’s ‘language for thinking to develop e.g. a child who doesn’t communicate well commented on a rope looking like a sock and reluctant writers wanted to take part in the drawing and writing that followed every sessions.

When asked after the session parents said that they were amazed at how much their children’s confidence had grown after just a few short sessions.

Staff learnt that it isn’t the amount of activities that are offered that keep the children engaged but the quality of them. For example, if an activity is left alone by the children then the staff have been trained to ask the children after a short period of time why they left the activity and what they might like instead.