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Young Ambassadors Leicester Shire


Find Your Talent Leicester Shire wants to develop universal and meaningful engagement with culture through the use of its young ambassadors, who are children and young people acting as informed critics, consumers, creators and commissioners.

It will achieve this through:

  • Supporting those not currently engaged in arts, creativity and culture to access it, through projects targeted at particular groups, new services if there is a demonstrable need, and effective promotion of existing programmes
  • Providing children and young people with the resources, training, information and guidance they need to achieve this, through group facilitators, creative consultations and workshops, conferences, events and peer-to-peer mentoring
  • Allocating a high proportion of budgets directly to young people to commission pieces of work to meet their needs.
  • Ensuring the design and delivery of local services meet the needs of users

In order to make this sustainable and to ensure more children and young people are engaged beyond March 2011, we are working to support as many organisations as possible to develop their practice of engaging children and young people in their delivery, decision making, planning and evaluation.


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