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CM Sounds

This project aimed to encourage families and community groups to engage with an accessible and dynamic music technology programme and to train local youth workers to continue delivery of the project after CM’s involvement came to an end.

1st March 2010 - 31st August 2010

CM and its partners offer excellent non-formal music provision to the borough as a whole; however the provision is based to the west of the borough. Distance, poverty of expectation and a territorial mentality have ensured that very few young people from LAP 8 have accessed music projects in the west of the borough and so there is a clear need to engage better with these communities. 

CM ran a project called 8 Bars from June to November 2009 funded by Youth Music and in partnership with SPLASH Arts, George Greens Youth Services, Docklands Youth Service and Docklands Outreach to help young people to access provision at The Brady Arts Centre. While this project was successful in working with the targeted young people, it did expose a greater problem than originally envisaged. CM’s evaluation shows that more first access non-formal music provision is needed in this area of the borough, the young people that they worked with having not accessed any provision before CM’s intervention.

It is clear then that there is a need to engage young people in this area through a local music provision that is sustainable. The training of youth workers and CM’s provision at The Brady Centre will ensure progression and continuation is possible.

This project achieved the following outcomes:

  • Knowledge and understanding of cultural forms;
  • introduction to creative music making;
  • Introduction to new music through aural analysis;
  • Leadership characteristics in the terms of identifying and supporting other groups;
  • Training local workers;
  • Enjoyment in cultural participation;
  • Helping young people to make the music they want to make.