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Cineclub Support for Film Provision

The project would begin with professional development for up to 30 teachers and/or youth workers from across Tower Hamlets to equip them with basic filmmaking skills from script to editing so that they can develop these activities in their schools.

1st March 2010 - 31st August 2010

Each Cineclub would run as an after-school club and recruit 10 young people to learn basic skills in low-budget filmmaking to produce 10 short films for a cinema screening. Each Cineclub will be assisted in their activities by one of Cineclub’s professional filmmakers. Each participating school will follow the 1 Term Film school outline with their filmmaker to create a film for a screening in April 2010.

All students will try every different role in film production and understand the basic elements of film analysis and discussion through watching clips and short films from classic, cult and contemporary cinema. All participants who successfully complete the project would be awarded a ‘Level 1’ Cineclub Certificate and share their film with friends, family and community at Rich Mix Cinema in May 2010. Each participant would learn key basic skills in how to approach film as an art form and express themselves creatively in this medium.

The project would then provide a pathway to advanced filmmaking and film watching skills for 40 students (20 primary, 20 secondary) identified as particularly talented in one of the following areas of film and media: Script; Acting; Camera; Editing or Analysis. 2 students nominated from each Cineclub would go on to the Cineclub  2 day Filmmaking Academy to work with a wide range of professional filmmakers. Using semi-professional cameras and editing equipment, the young people will produce 2 films as a low-budget production company for a BFI Southbank Premiere in July 2010. This 2 day Academy would be run twice over the Easter holidays and participants will be divided by age so that filmmakers can really develop talent in the chosen participants. All 40 participants who successfully complete the project would be awarded a ‘Level 2’ Cineclub Certificate and present their experiences to other young filmmakers at a Cast and Crew screening with other schools from across London at the BFI Southbank in July 2010.

Intended Outcomes:

  • 100 young people would participate in all aspects of the filmmaking process, from scriptwriting through to camera and editing skills and identify those with talent in different film departments to go on to develop their skills and learn about the industry.
  • 12 short digital films scripted, shot and edited by young people
  • 1 celebration screening at Rich Mix Cinema for all participants, friends and families.
  • 40 young people participate in the Cineclub Filmmaking Academy learning advanced skills in scriptwriting, acting for the screen, camera, editing, mise-en-scene analysis and film review writing.
  • 1 premiere screening at BFI Southbank for all participants, friends, family and other young filmmakers.