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Activate The Arts

'Activate the Arts' is a new pilot project aiming to equip youth workers/ arts practitioners in Tower Hamlets, to meet the challenges of delivering sustainable and innovative arts projects.

1st January 2010 - 31st July 2010

The project seeks to offer grants to 10 organisations, each of which will have one member of staff trained as an Arts Award Advisor (Bronze/Silver level) and each will deliver one arts based programme with 10 young people.

Each organisation has nominated a designated youth worker/arts practitioner who has received training and is being assisted to run an accredited arts project. We aim to help them establish and maintain arts partnerships borough wide, with the view to having a member of staff in each organisation who will continue to build on relationships formed and methodologies developed during the pilot project.

Activate the Arts Award was launched Monday 18 January 2010. Nineteen young people attended the session. They participated very well with both staff and peer members and showed great commitment and motivation through to the end.