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My World, Your World, Our World, promoting community cohesion

My World, Your World, Our World, is an opportunity for children and young people to come together and work with different minority ethnic artists and to see them as positive role models.

1st June 2009 - 31st March 2010

My World, your world, our world projectThe diverse range of workshops being provided in schools, will help children and young people develop an appreciation for the cultural backgrounds of others through participation in enjoyable creative activities.

The activities and final performance at ‘The Place’ will enable children and young people to develop strong and positive relationships with people from different backgrounds and to create a shared sense of belonging resulting in working together for the performance.

The experience of taking part in the workshops and the performance will enhance perceptions and attitudes towards different cultural activities and bring about a knowledge and understanding of cultural forms.

Dance, Music (Flamenco) Storytelling, Drama, Animation, Arts and Craft workshops are taking place in schools throughout this time, culminating with the afternoon workshops and special evening performance at ‘The Place’, Oakengates Theatre on 28 February.

In addition to the above workshops taking place in schools throughout the year, the following activities will be offered at ‘The Place’ during the afternoon of 28 February: calligraphy, lantern making, origami, global art, kung-fu, storytelling, mendhi and percussion workshops.