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Making Choreographers

Making Choreographers is a developmental programme designed to give a group of young people an in-depth experience and skills enhancing opportunity that is unique in Britain.

1st September 2008 - 31st March 2011

Over three years, the young people involved will undertake an extensive programme of training that will equip them to be able to choreograph a new dance work. Surrounding this will be a wider set of activity and engagement that not only enables them to execute the task routinely but be able to discuss, challenge and defend artistic choices as well as make a highly successful work.

The process will provide them with knowledge and skills that will contribute hugely to whatever career path they follow in the future.  Their journeys will be documented on film (Dance TV).

  • The ten young people selected for this opportunity may have never taken a dance class at the beginning or may even have their main interest in another cultural activity such as architecture.

  • By taking them through the programme, it is our aim that they:

    • Find a creative voice
    • Learn the management of people through creative thinking and doing
    • Learn the art of applying themselves to a task
    • Be able to verbalise their cultural views more fluently and discuss aesthetical issues
    • Encourage others to pursue artistic ambitions 
    • Understand the value of creativity in everything they do
  • The work they create will either be performed by other young people or professional dancers (or a combination) in a series of shows around the West Midlands. This process of bringing the dance production to fruition will further enhance their skills and experience as well as bringing other young people on board as part of the production process.