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Film Club

FILMCLUB is a nationwide, government funded initiative offering free DVDs and teacher support to local schools to help them set up film clubs.

1st September 2009 - 1st January 2011

The purpose of the program is to inspire young people’s interest in film. FILMCLUB organises events and school visits, and through its website provides schools with access to a specially curated catalogue of over 4,000 films (up to certification 15). Through its review section, the site offers a lively platform for pupil voice.

Research has shown that a school film club can help make children more receptive to learning. 

In Telford, 16 schools are about to become FILMCLUB schools and use films for recreational purposes and to help embed creative learning within the curriculum.

    • To enable schools to borrow and showcase a huge range of films at their school.
    • To use innovative, thought provoking films to generate a wider cultural understanding and foster a lifelong passion for films and filmmaking