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Early Years Drama

Lindsay Brown, Early Years Officer with The Birmingham REP and Telford Find Your Talent, has been working with a range of early years settings, facilitating a project inspired by drama, storytelling and creative play. The programme has ranged from individual parent and baby workshops to ongoing schemes of work designed to give children regular access to creativity.

1st June 2009 - 1st January 2011

Parents and children at the early years drama and storytelling workshopThe Early Years Drama and Storytelling project aims to work alongside staff, parents/carers and chidlren to use creative play as a tool for promoting positive development. The programme aims to leave a legacy of creativity with each setting it visits.

  • So far, the project has proved succesful in raising the awareness and skill base of early years staff. The children involved have enjoyed their drama workshops and explored new techniques. Feedback has been positive.

  • Lindsay Brown, Early Years Officer, has a background in theatre in education and creative play. She has been in post three months and is throughly enjoying the project. Settings involved have been: ABC, Smiley Faces, Tortoise, High Ercall, Wooden Tops, Tots and Toddlers, Sutton Hill, Carpenter, Trench Tots, Park Lane, Oakengates.

  • The Birmingham REP and Telford Find Your Talent also collaborated to bring a Sarah Argent early years production called 'Out of the Blue' to Telford. It was viewed by 104 children in Telford and 53 adults.