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Dance 4 All

Specialist early years practitioner Ruth Jacombs delivered 12 sessions of movement workshops for children and their parents and carers and shared techniques with staff in 2 Early Years settings

27th May 2010

Through multi-sensory workshops at Oakengates and Woodside Children’s Centres, Ruth used props to stimulate and inspire movement.  Physical games and songs were introduced to encourage creative play for parents and carers and their children.

Monthly one off sessions in another dance form, Baby Break-dancing, was also included as part of the package.

Feedback from staff at Woodside Children’s Centre:

“It has encouraged adults to take aprt whereas in other situations/groups they may not take part in activities.  All participants have been able to explore movement and materials freely.”

“[Dance 4 All sessions have developed skills in] working together, having a go without feeling self conscious.  It has been good for all.”

“The freedom to explore and joining in as part of a group has developed individuals own confidence”

“The ideas, use of materials, new songs can be transferred into other groups and activities”

“The lycra was fab! A great idea to get the group working together.  So versatile can be explored as an individual and as part of a group.”

“More of the same please!”

“[Ruth was] very good, patient and understanding”

Feedback from parents at Woodside Children’s Centre:

“We both had fun!”

“[The sessions have encouraged my creativity through] offering new ways to play”

“[My child’s confidence has grown] he doesn’t shy away as much when singing and acting”

“I dance and play more now with the children”

“I have learnt you can have fun with any material”

“Natasha asks ‘when are we doing it again?’”

“It taught me that children can express themselves while singing and dancing also having lots of fun”

“Because there was no wrong or right way to do things he was able to do the things and if he didn’t want to take part it was fine”

“I learnt that even just a few coloured clothers can be so much fun by just dancing a long with some music.”

“He became very confident and wanted to stay for longer and do more.”