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The Order of Things

A project to explore the disarticulation of books and narrative to coincide with the Creative Foundations annual Folkestone Book Festival.

4th November 2009 - 5th November 2009

Jon Adams, a dyslexic public artist who works with books, ran a 2 day workshop with students from local Pupil Referral Units.  The workshop explored what happened to the narrative in books when pages are displaced and re-arranged out of sequence.  The book used was Kipps by H.G Wells due to its connection to Folkestone.  The group created a 3D piece of art from the pages, which is currently displayed in the Creative Foundation’s Visitors Centre for the duration of the Folkestone Book Festival.

The concept for the workshop and the young people was to look at how art can be used to help express feelings and emotions.   It was also designed to demonstrate that anything is possible whatever your situation and background in life, and to increase participation in cultural activity.