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Cultural Audit

The design and development of a Cultural Audit for all of the school Children within Shepway

1st September 2008 - 31st March 2011

The Cultural Audit is an innovative visual data capture model, commissioned by the Creative Foundation and Kent County Council, and devised by Strange Cargo Arts Company Limited, to establish what creative and cultural activities the children and young people of Shepway are involved in, as well as what they would like to do in the future.

The Audit has gathered data from 12000 children and young people in all schools in the district. Shepway FYT will use that data to plan and target the programmes responding to areas of high demand, and unmet need, but just as importantly working to introduce children and young people to new cultural forms that they do not know about, or have not yet experienced. The headline findings of the Audit are now in the public domain, and schools will find out about their own result in November 2009.