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Space to Create

Young people in Gosport were given the opportunity to join a youth arts panel at the Ashcroft Arts Centre so that they could find out about local cultural facilities and programmes, try new activities for themselves, offer taster sessions to their peers to test the market for new opportunities and make a case for improvements in the local provision. The group then went on to programme and market a series of summer holiday activities for teenagers in Gosport.

1st March 2009 - 31st August 2010
    • A  group of 13 young people has a greatly improved understanding of and participation in local cultural provision
    • Their voices are being heard and they have an opportunity to share their ideas and aspirations with peers and inform future programming
    • The group has  learned valuable skills in teamwork, planning, programming, marketing and presentation and their aspirations have been raised by working with professionals
    • A new programme of events planned by teenagers for teenagers took place in Gosport over the summer holidays, culminating in a final exhibition of work


    • It has taken time to build up rapport and learn the necessary skills (the group was set up in March 2009), which indicates that long-term support is essential to the success of this type of project
    • The young people have undertaken a steep learning curve. A period of reflection following the taster sessions allowed learning to be built in to the planning, before the programme was rolled out
    • A lot of support was needed in the initial stages to ensure that, when enthusiasm outstripped experience, young people were not discouraged by challenges and could learn from the experience
    • Local providers of cultural provision can make good use of a knowledgeable and enthusiastic group of young people in their area
    • The support of Brune Park Community School will enable this group to continue, even though individual group members will move on