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Bhangra Bonanza at the Alchemy Festival

Art Asia took twelve young people from the Find Your Talent Bhangra Bonanza project, to see two events at the Alchemy festival at the Southbank.

1st January 2010 - 31st July 2010

The Alchemy Festival celebrates innovative, classical and contemporary artists from India, UK and South Asia.

The group from Portsmouth and Southampton were taken on a tour of the Southall Story exhibition by the artists who created it; Kuljit Bhamra, Ammy Phull and Shakila Maan.  In the evening they went to Nihal’s Desi Live concert.  This was a live Bhangra concert with three of the biggest names in UK Bhangra; H-Dhammi, Jaz Dhami and Juggy D.  Before the concert the group was fortunate enough to meet the stars of the show and have their photos taken with them.


Going to London was a really worthwhile experience; the whole day was just absolutely fantastic! First we went to see the Southall story which had a really cool setup and was really interesting. We were lucky enough to be guided round by Mr Bhamrah which was great  I think the talk he gave was really useful he told us about how he got into the music industry and the big decisions and sacrifices he had to make to be the successful man he is today. It certainly made us all think about some similar decisions  that we might have to make one day I feel it was really inspiring and helpful!

After that we went to watch Nihals Desi Live! This was a show that bought three of the biggest names in Bhangra together, H Dhami, Jaz Dhami and Juggy D all performed on stage with a full live band! It was phenomenal hearing the, Dhol, Tumbi, Dholaki and piano all together with the artist singing and dancing!

The best part of the day for me was actually meeting the stars before they performed, we were really lucky and got a chance to talk to them and take loads of pictures which was great and got everyone really exited and hyped for the show! On the whole  our trip to London is one I will never forget, I learnt so many new things and had so much fun!

Rajwant Kaur – Portsmouth

Thank you very much for the wonderful day in London, I enjoyed it very much. I learnt quite a lot and I gained few tips from MR BHAMRA and krew, also going to the after show party and meeting the super stars was wicked. I hope there will be many more trips to come, and with the knowledge from MR BHAMRA we hope to do new stuff with our team to make Southampton rise and shine. Thank you very much for all time and effort Art Asia has put into this project!!

Ricky Singh – Southampton

Art Asia, has given me an opportunity to express my talent, which is playing the Dhol. Our leader, Lucy, has made a base for me and other Dholis in the group, to show what Southampton is made out of. The workshops with G-mall and Bindi Sagoo were phenomenal, as it meant we met leading artists who are known all around the world for their talent. It gave us a boost in confidence that we can make it.. We have preformed at many festivals around the U.K, to show our talent, and wish to carry on spreading the name of Art Asia as well as showing our talent to people who are un-familiar with our culture. I  also wish to thank the Art Asia team for letting us use their  premises and equipment for rehearsal and practice.

Dave Kasba – Southampton