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Priory School Underpass Refurbishment

The underpass which links Priory Community School in Worle and the rest of its community was a long complained about piece of local infrastructure.

1st June 2009 - 31st July 2009

It was damp, dark and intimidating, with residents often complaining of vandalism. The students were tired of avoiding using the underpass and of being blamed for its degeneration so they decided to take matters into their own hands. As part of Find Your Talent North Somerset a group of 16 Year 9 students decided to make the underpass the talk of the town.

Working with local graffiti artist Lee Kirby, the students began with design sessions inspired by the underpass, discussions around graffiti art, and with the students experimenting with their own designs and ideas to enhance the underpass. The students felt that it was important that the underpass became a feature of the community and so decided to base their final design on the theme of the Worle community.

The students then worked for three days transferring their final designs onto the underpass which including both the school and Find Your Talent logos.

The underpass has proved to be a big success, with the school receiving a great deal of positive feedback from members of the public. This project has inspired young people to take a responsible role in the improvement and enhancement of their local area. They have also helped to portray young people in the local area in a more positive light with regards to public’s opinion of graffiti and previous vandalism of the underpass.

It has also meant that the young people in the area have started to take ownership and responsibility over the appearance and the maintenance of their community. The students involved are now responsible for the upkeep of the art, and they will pass on their skills to their peers so that the underpass can be kept looking its best.