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Curzon Film Project

Pupils from seven schools across Clevedon were able to watch their own film productions on the big screen at the Curzon Cinema in July 2009.

1st July 2009 - 28th July 2009

The films were made as part of Find Your Talent North Somerset, in which the Curzon Cinema, Clevedon is currently a key partner. The pathfinder aims to extend children and young people’s experience of culture and creativity.

During the spring term, the Curzon ran a workshop series leading to groups from seven schools making their own short films on the theme of identity. The ideas came from the children involved, reflecting their interests, experiences and imaginations. Along the way, they were introduced to the whole creative process of filmmaking, from ideas and storyboarding through to editing. 

The sessions were led by freelance film practitioner Pippa Robinson. Pippa said, “The project has been an enjoyable and creative process. All the schools have put a lot of hard work into their films, and we have a whole range of different approaches to the theme of identity. For instance, Mary Elton School are working on two animations, one about a hippopotamus and one about an alien, both coming to terms with their identity. St Nicholas are producing a drama called The Missing Baby, and a documentary about family trees.” 

The schools involved in the Curzon project are: St Nicholas Chantry Primary, Yeo Moor Infants, Yeo Moor Junior, Mary Elton Primary, St John the Evangelist Primary, Clevedon Community School and Ravenswood School.