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Embedding Culture and Creativity in the Curriculum

1st March 2009 - 31st March 2011

The Using Cultural Organisations to Raise Levels of Attainment (UCORLA) projects aim to provide children with access to two hours of cultural and creative opportunities a week, with the support of a range of cultural partners. The projects particularly aim to:

  • Embed cultural and creative activities into curriculum planning
  • Enable children to draw upon their knowledge of culture to improve their work
  • Give teachers more flexibility in their use of curriculum time
  • Implement opportunities for more creative teaching and learning
  • Engage cultural partners in supporting the delivery of the curriculum

The UCORLA projects also aim to impact on the children’s level of attainment in both their writing in the Literacy lesson and in their cross-curricular work and on the children’s attitude to learning through providing them with access to both cultural and creative opportunities that linked to a specific topic of work with the support of a range of cultural partners. Thus, the success criteria for the projects are:

  • An improvement in the children’s level of writing with a specific focus on Assessment Focuses 1, 2, 3 and 7[1]
  • An improvement in children’s attitude to writing
  • An improvement in children’s attitude to learning
  • The children accessing 2 hours of culture and creativity  a week in school

[1] Assessment Focus 1: Write imaginative, interesting and thoughtful texts; Assessment Focus 2: Produce texts which are appropriate to task, reader and purpose; Assessment Focus 3: Organise and present whole texts effectively, sequencing and structuring information, ideas and events; Assessment Focus 7: Select appropriate and effective vocabulary.

Following meetings with the head teachers of the schools that are carrying out the projects, the UCORLA projects are launched at a CPD event which aims to provide teachers with the opportunities to:

  • To explore the context surrounding the Find Your Talent Pathfinder Project
  • To find out about the various cultural partners in Bolton
  • To discuss individual projects with representatives from all the cultural partners

Following the project launch, each teacher spends half a day planning the project with the teaching and learning consultant for Culture and Creativity. An overview of the project is then produced including links to both cultural and creative opportunities and the curriculum. Each school is provided with a budget of £700 per class to enable them to carry out the project. At the end of the project, an evaluation meeting is held with both the Cultural Partners and the UCORLA teachers in order to discuss the impact that the project has had on the school, the teachers that delivered the project and the children.