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Culture and Creativity

Increasing knowledge of culture and creativity

1st January 2010 - 31st July 2010

The Using Cultural Organisations to Raise Levels of Attainment (UCORLA) aimed to provide Key Stage 4 students with access to both cultural and creative opportunities, with the support of a range of cultural partners. As part of the project, the students visited a Hindu temple, during which they discussed Indian fashions and tried on a sari and Artists in Schools supported the Unit in creating memory boxes using clay. In addition, Bolton Library delivered a workshop focussing on the acquisition of reading skills. This also included a discussion about books suitable for 0-3 year olds. This workshop was linked to the Child Development GCSE. Furthermore, Bolton Science and Technology Centre delivered three Science workshops focussing on the AT1 aspects of the Science G.C.S.E. Also, Bolton Museum delivered a workshop that focussed on providing the students with an overview of museum. The students also took part in a tour of museum and visited the Aquarium for an interactive fish feeding session. Finally, Bolton Library delivered a workshop that consisted of a tour of the Primary Care Trust section, the breast-feeding area, the picture books section and the Child care resources. The students were also given a number of free resources, including texts, to use with their children.

The teacher expressed that the project had provided the students with experiences they wouldn’t otherwise have had adding that the opportunity to experience culture has benefitted the students as they are now more tolerant. She also stated that the workshops delivered by Bolton Science and Technology Centre were invaluable to the students and the workshops delivered by Bolton Library and Museum highlighted to them what was available in Bolton. She believes that the students may take their own children to the Library and the Museum in the future as a result of the project. The teacher also conveyed that she would visit the Bolton Science and Technology Centre again and hopes to include visits to the Temple, Museum and Library in the next academic year. She will also strive to visit a Church and a Mosque.