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Delving into history

Year 8 students from Worle Community School, North Somerset, have been working with North Somerset Museum to create an exhibition around recreating historic photographs.

11th July 2009

The “Then and Now” team explored North Somerset Museum’s archive of photographs which were taken by Weston Camera Club in 1958. The images included themes such as the seafront, school life and transport. These were scanned and then modern day copies were taken to record similarities and changes over time. 

The exhibition was launched on July 11th at Worle Community School Family Breakfast. The project has been funded by Find Your Talent and through fundraising activities by the students.

“The students have worked so hard in managing the project, from understanding how to access archive photographs to fundraising, research and presentation skills. I am very proud of their commitment to the project. I am delighted to work again with North Somerset Museum,” said Marie Luck, Deputy Head of Year 8 from Worle Community School.