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What will success look like?

Success would: mean a generation of children and young people growing up so excited and inspired by their cultural experiences they can't wait to pass the good news on to their friends, school mates, brothers, sisters and families. It would extend from the young instrumentalist from Kirkby in the running for Royal Liverpool Philharmonic's Young Musician of the Year, to the child in St Helens creating their very own computer games.

Success would: reach from the young person who has commissioned an artwork to national acclaim as part of Liverpool Biennial's programme, to a four year old telling magical stories to their grandparents. It would include the young North Liverpool refugee taking the first steps in a career path that will lead, in time, to the post of Artistic Director of the National Theatre and the classroom of primary school age independent learners using the treasure house of National Museums Liverpool online resources to explore ideas of international citizenship.

Success would: mean that the 130 children and young people who helped develop this Delivery Plan and the thousands who come after them could say, with considerable pride, "We helped you adults understand how to get it right for us".

Success will: mean a City Region universal cultural offer.