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Young people led Creative Graffiti

Hard to reach boys engaged by creative graffiti enterprise project

1st February 2010 - 31st August 2010

Some young people (mostly hard to reach boys) had been involved in the original Creative Graffiti project and found it had helped them at school. They wanted to run a further graffiti project to help others in the same position as they were when they started their project.

The young people took total control of the project in every way including planning the presentation to the young dragons, planning the project, marketing, choosing the creative practitioner and deciding which young people would be involved; they also got the designs they had created printed onto t-shirts and sold them at school and at external events such as ONE Leicester.

After setting up and attending workshops with the Creative Practitioner, the young people went to primary schools and ran their own workshops for the primary school children.

As a result of the project the boys are more involved and engaged in what is going on around them, including their learning, behaviour and attendance at school.  They continue to think about what is to come in the future and what they might need to do today in order to be successful.

Through the Creative Graffiti project, the boys have shown that they can take on a big challenge and succeed. This is key to improving young people's motivation to learn – having a vision for the future and the confidence to know that you can develop the skills and knowledge you need to be successful. The project will always be a positive reference point for the students, their parents and the school.