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Talk-Back Project at Mellor Community Primary School

Young People ‘Talk-Back’ to peers and staff

1st September 2009 - 31st March 2010

‘Talk Back’ was a project at Mellor Community Primary School which raised the issues that young people think are important. Together with staff, young people discussed the issues and then presented them in an animated, TV or radio format as a news programme.

‘Talk-Back’ was run by the ‘News Team’ which was a group of ten young people at the school ranging from years 3 – 6.  It was their role to:

  • Find out what the other young people wanted to be heard on;
  • Present the young people’s view and to invite feedback on those views;
  • Develop a feature called ‘What’s On’ that lets the young people in the school know about any events that are being run in the local area.

The ‘News Programmes’ that were created from this project were played in assemblies to the entire school and posted on the school’s own internal website, so the young people could watch them back and develop ideas to help improve situations that they felt needed attention.