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Talk Back Project

The Talk Back Project was originated by pupils at the school some of whom had raised issues about school dinners. They wanted a way of getting these issues heard and resolved particularly those which affect their immediate school environment.

1st September 2009 - 31st May 2010

They interviewed other pupils during break-time and documented their views and ideas on improving the service through vox-pops in the playground, some of which were filmed.

Classes were encouraged to further discuss these issues as part of their IT session. School council representatives then presented these issues to Leicester City  Councils head of Catering to look ways forward.

Although the outcome was successful, there were also limitations (due to lack of staff) and the work had to be carried out during lunch-breaks. The children found this very frustrating, as they wanted to play during this time. Subsequently ,the Talk Back project was created to take place during school hours.

  • One of the key aims of the project was to establish a NEWS TEAM within the school who could gather information, enquire and report the views of the school community in an accessible, interesting and engaging way.

    The pilot has shown this framework to be effective in raising awareness; the children’s concerns being taken seriously, the issues taken forward strategically, and developing the childrens technical, communication and personal skills.

  • Phase 1: 10 children recruited to create reports/features using film, animation and radio. These will be shown as a ‘news programme’ broadcast to the whole school at assemblies and through the schools ‘FRONTER’ internal website.

    Phase 2: The NEWS team become ‘mentors’ sharing their skills and knowledge with groups of 3 people from each class and teaching staff. The aim is that each class will have its own ‘on the ground’ news team to produce class reports for the main TALK BACK NEWS programme.

    Other outcomes:

    • Establish a news team (10 children)
    • Established a mentee’s group (36 children)
    • Involvement of the whole school (approx 430 children)their views will be included in the news reports, school assemblies, and FRONTER website (internal)
    • Engagement of the school Governers and teaching staff throughout the programme.
  • The impact of the project far exceed expectations.

    It has hit all of the ECM outcomes: Building self confidence and self esteem(Be Healthy), Engendered a created sense of responsibility, representing and supporting others to communicate their views (Making a positive contribution) Learning whilst having fun, and a sense of achievement when their efforts have made a real difference(Enjoy and Achieve) Empowering children to make their voices heard knowing you have the ability to speak up and that people will listen is fundamental to keeping safe (Stay safe) Raise aspirations (achieve economic well being)

    • Make better use of existing skills within the school- work realistic project management costs to cover scope of project.
    • Raise profile of students/student voice

    Develop a sustainable framework for future rollout