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Play in a Week

An integrated performance project enabling students from Guthlaxton College and young people with learning disabilities from Birkett House to devise a theatre piece supported and guided by a professional theatre company, Bamboozle Theatre.

1st January 2010 - 30th April 2010

Bamboozle led and co-ordinated creative activities including set, costume and prop design; music production, improvisation and voice work and technical skills. Each session enabled the students to work and support each other as well exchanging skills in dance and singing. Post production activities were led by students.

The young people from Birkett House had a range of learning disabilities, but each activity was devised to enable an equality of opportunity and access to the creative learning experience supported by appropriate staff and care assistants. Careful considerations were made to ensure the schedule, timing and duration of each workshop accommodated the individual need of the Birkett House students.

Students from Guthlaxton College were all involved in performing arts courses and took on the role of mentors to their peers. Discussions with staff, creative practitioners and students revealed an increased awareness and appreciation of working collaboratively, integrating students of mixed backgrounds and exploring new art forms. 
Bamboozle led all of the creative elements relating to the final performance. Teaching staff and students from Guthlaxton College co-ordinated in-house activity including promotion and marketing.