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Fashion Sharp

Young girls get into Fashion

1st February 2010 - 31st August 2010

The project took place in two stages. The first stage included a small number of young girls and taught them leadership skills and creative skills such as jewellery making, t-shirt making etc. The second stage was planned to involve more young girls and showing them how to use the creative skills learnt by the first stage girls. However because of the first stage of the project taking longer to complete than anticipated only one second stage session took place.

Photo shoots were organised and the girls took photographs of the others in the tops and accessories that they had made as well as modelling themselves.

All the young girls that took part in the project earned a Creative Team Development award.

The Creative Team Development award required working in each session even if only for a short amount of time.

The work consisted of:

  • Initial meeting to decide what they wanted to do, how they wanted to do it and what they wanted out of a project;
  • Divided up roles;
  • Drew up individual plans of the path to achieve their goal;
  • Reflection by everyone on each individual’s progress – creative skills and personal development;
  • Evaluation.

Over the course of the project a short diary was made by each young person detailing what they had done in each session.

At the start of the project each young person was asked to list what they thought were their strengths and weaknesses and then make a similar list at the end of the project and compare the two lists to see how they had changed.

All the young girls came from the traveller community.