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Behind The Book

Authors, illustrators and graphic artists inspired the reading and writing of 7,000 young people across Leicestershire.

1st January 2009 - 30th June 2009

burleigh_00669_converted.flv Pupils involved in Behinfd the Book report on the project

Behind the Book brought professional writers and illustrators, chosen by school students, into 32 Leicestershire schools to help unleash the creative talents of young people.

Young people involved in the Behind the Book projectFollowing the school sessions, young people then attended after-school sessions in their local libraries for follow-up activities and workshops.

Schools were selected for involvement based on: the level of consultation with children and young people prior to the school session; the involvement of Find Your Talent priority groups including young people at risk of missing out; and numbers of young people who would be engaged.

The original target was to involve 5,000 children and young people – the project proved so popular with school students that eventually 6,933 took part, including early years, all key stages, and in every part of the county.

  • Evaluation of the project identified three key outcomes for the young people who participated:

    • They were able to create their own work and share their experiences with others
    • Many chose to participate in this type of activity for the first time, particularly in the after-school sessions
    • Young people are now participating in cultural activity independently on a regular basis


  • “I think I’ve learned that it is very important for you to really get to know your characters – and try to think more creatively, out of your comfort zone.”
    Fiona, KS3 student

    “It was a great day. The whole school was involved in every part… it has had a great impact on motivation for reading and writing.”
    Early Years / KS1 / KS2 Headteacher