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‘Opera Start’

Young people have an ‘Opera Start’

1st February 2010 - 30th June 2010

Young people from Stathern primary school have taken part in 3 workshops. At the first workshop they wrote their own songs based on ‘The magic flute’; and, in between the first and second workshop they learnt the songs that they had written from recordings made by Magadala, a professional Opera company.

The second and third workshops were used as refinement workshops in which advice was given to the young people on how to improve their projection and clarity while singing and how to set up the stage.  This included the young people choosing the instruments and where they would stand.

The third workshop was followed by an evening performance in which the young people sang their songs and also were treated to a surprise performance by Magdala, who sang songs from ‘The magic Flute’.

One parent said of the performance: “You need to make this an annual event, I can’t wait for next year now!

A magdala member said, “It came across that the children had put their hearts and souls into their performance and it was a joy to watch.