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Guildhall Connect Creative Music Project – Blah Blah Blah

Specialist music project designed for Looked After Children & Young People (LAC)

11th April 2010 - 13th August 2010

A musical, social and educational opportunity for Looked After Children, aimed at introducing new musical instruments and developing individual musical awareness.

Three day music workshops providing sessions that focused on confidence building through effective communication, listening, interpretation and sharing ideas, all of which enabled participants to showcase their composition to an audience on the final day.

The project also presented participants with the opportunity to meet other young people with whom they shared the experience of being looked after, whilst developing a variety of essential social skills that included negotiating, cooperation and collaboration.

Below is feedback of the evaluation completed by staff and young people who took part in part one of the project:

All involved staff and 87% of the participants enjoyed the project a bit or very much.  Two participants did not enjoy the project much. The leader and an assistant commented on the great commitment from all participants, and the ‘compelling & convincing music’ as result.

The participants liked playing (different) instruments, meeting new people / making friends, and working together best about the project. The Tower Hamlets staff felt that apart from musical skills, the project contributed to the development of the young people’s social skills (team working; communication) and personal skills (concentration; self esteem).

As a result of the project some young people are now in the process of undergoing musical (instrumental) lessons through Tower Hamlets Arts and Music Education Services (THAMES).