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'HIT!' is a music making and research programme based at Hadley Learning Community (HLC) Primary School in Telford

1st September 2009 - 31st July 2011

Based on similar philosophies to the famous “El Sistema” approach pioneered in Venezuela, the HIT! project aims to reengage the whole community with music making by finding a common enthusiasm and enjoyment for all things musical.

The research element to the project involves a significant amount of community, young person and school staff consultation.  It is this consultation that drives the programme and will ensure that the activities will continue to run once the initial phase of training, group teaching, community workshops, daily music making, instrumental teaching sessions, singing workshops and other activities have taken place.  The HLC programme is reflective, flexible and reactive to the community it serves.

This is a two year programme of music making based at Hadley Learning Community in the primary phase which aims to:

  • engage young people in their first three years of formal education, their families and staff at the school. 
  • to offer children and young people up to 45 minutes of music makes 5 days a week within school.
  • the programme will lay a strong and sustainable foundation for music development by upskilling staff and parents, and
  • create an awareness of the social and emotional benefits of making music for the whole community with a focus on young people at HLC.