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Burning Out: The Re-authoring Project

Performing arts students explore ‘What is a Cultural Producer?’ to develop a performance of a literary text

21st January 2010 - 4th May 2010

Author Katherine May and cultural producers Nimble Fish have been working with performing arts students from South Kent College in a series of workshops exploring the role of the cultural producer and reimagining how literature is presented to a live audience.

Using Katherine May’s novel ‘Burning Out’, the students worked together as a team on the processes used to produce a performance of a literary text, considering reinvention, audience experience and operational practicalities.

Beyond the reimagining of ‘Burning Out’, the team of students have begun devising and producing their own original work.


  • The team of students involved in this project are continuing to work together as ‘Banana Hammocks’ to develop their own production ‘Funhouse’
  • From their work on the Burning Out project, Nimble Fish have evolved an effective model for a Cultural Producers programme for young people, which they hope to take forward