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Telling Yarns

Red Hot Press in Southampton have been running a wide range of printmaking workshops, which encourage participants to explore and respond to their environment, their experiences and their potential futures.

2nd February 2010 - 9th March 2010

Over six weeks this group of up to 30 young people were introduced to a range of printmaking and narrative visual techniques. The workshops saw a high level of engagement from participants who live in an area with relatively high levels of cultural deprivation. The picture shows the results of an exercise where the young people were asked to tell their life stories, drawing and writing on labels which they then hung from string to represent key points in their lives. They then created a new string on which they marked steps, using the same technique, leading toward a personal future goal. This created a web of interlinked strands filling a room in a visual display of young lives.

It was clear that the young people really enjoyed this exercise, understanding fully what was expected of them, with all working hard to create a space which they were impressed by and proud of.

The exercise sought to identify the links between the choices you make and what happens in your life, encouraging those taking part to look at their futures as something they can shape for themselves.