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Living the exhibition

Elisabeth talks about her experience with ‘Living Exhibition’, a Find Your Talent PUSH project, run by Forest Forge Theatre and The Media Workshop with the young people of Romsey Youth Theatre. The project was selected to appear at the ‘Share Your Talent’ Southbank event in July.

Project: Living Exhibition, Romsey, South Hampshire

Partnership for Urban South Hampshire (PUSH)

Elisabeth at the Living Exhibition Photo Shoot"From this project with Forest Forge and Southampton Media Workshop, I learnt to interact with new people and to be part of a group (whoever’s in it!). But most of all, I gained more confidence.

The project started with a trip to the ‘Dress to Express’ exhibition in Alton. We went to a museum, where we learnt about how different people wear different types of clothes. We also learnt about fashion through the eras. After lunch, we played games in the garden and I got to know everyone better.

Saturday mornings became great fun.  Each week we tried on loads of different clothes. These were worn from the 1950s to the present day. We also did a photo shoot wearing these clothes. Next, we used these photos to make huge banners.

The project ended with a trip to the Southbank Centre in London. There, we all starred in a performance about all the different things that happened in the different eras. That was my favourite of all and I didn’t want to go home.

The Romsey Youth Theatre has been a huge experience for me, and I have thoroughly enjoyed it."