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Inspirations and Aspirations, Gosport and Portchester, Hampshire

Raising Inspirations and Aspirations! Young people in Gosport and Portchester work with Ashcroft Arts Centre to establish Youth Arts Panels in their area.

8th March 2009 - 1st May 2009

Aiming to raise young peoples’ aspirations of cultural provision and attitudes to culture in their local areas, two groups of Year 9 young people were recruited by Ashcroft Arts Centre to establish a Youth Arts Panel in Brune Park (Gosport) and Portchester (Fareham) in South Hampshire.  

These young people and their families were taken on a trip to London to see high quality, inspirational cultural activities including Traces at Sadler’s Wells and a guided tour of the Tate Modern.  They attended workshops before and after this trip in which they discussed their experiences of local cultural provision and evaluated their responses to the work they had seen in London.  Both groups of young people experienced significant changes in their attitude towards art forms following the trip, particularly within the field of Abstract Painting and Contemporary and Street Dance.

Following those events, the young people were then empowered to work with the Ashcroft Arts Centre Director on future developments. Some of the young people involved in the project have agreed that they would like to take the work further and look at some audience development opportunities for their local areas.  The Portchester Youth Arts Panel are very keen to develop their idea of a Graffiti Wall and the Brune Park Youth Arts Panel are going to work on the Ashcroft@Brune Park events.

  • ‘It was well good!’

    ‘My Mum enjoyed it. She keeps going on about it. I don’t normally go to see stuff with my parents. It was nice to have quality time.’