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Inspirations and aspirations - a young person's view

Megan explains more about her experience with ‘Aspirations and Inspirations’ , a Find Your Talent PUSH project, run by the Ashcroft Arts Centre. The project included participating in a pilot Youth Arts Panel and a cultural trip.

Project: Inspirations and Aspirations, Gosport and Portchester, Hampshire

Partnership for Urban South Hampshire (PUSH)

“I'm Megan and I'm 14 years of age. I go to Brune Park Community College in Gosport, Hampshire and I have just started in Year 10.

One of the options I chose was the Creative and Media Diploma. I chose this because it sounded very exciting and very advantageous to the career path I wish to follow. I am interested in anything to do with Theatre, film, music and anything creative.

I was very excited when we had the chance to go to London to visit the Tate Modern and to see a show called Traces at Sadlers Wells as part of the ‘Aspirations and Inspirations’ project. The day was very enjoyable and it gave us all an opportunity to go to a place where art, whether liked or disliked, became a talking point and most of us had something to say.

The show Traces was great it was something completely different to anything I had seen before. I was amazed how a small cast could capture an audience and keep them entertained with very little dialogue but with extremely physical and clever acrobatics, it was fantastic. The workshops I have done have been very enjoyable.

It's been great meeting and working with new people from other schools and I'm looking forward to new projects.”