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I’m A Local Artist

Children explore clay sculpture within the unique setting of Greyladyes Chapel

1st November 2009 - 28th February 2010

Greyladyes Art Foundation (GAF) ran a stimulating visual arts project “I’m a Local Artist”, for children aged 4-12 years old in the rural area of Bursledon, Southampton. Inspired by GAF's successful Adult Sculpture Classes, children were introduced to clay sculpture in the form of modelling small figures.

The project ran throughout November and December 2009 and ended with a celebratory installation event at the Greyladyes Chapel in Bursledon in February 2010.

Exploring the theme of identity, GAF artists encouraged the children interact with the chapel environment and explore narratives, making small figures whose form and poses were inspired by the space they would inhabit in and around the chapel. Participants were taught how to remove air bubbles from the clay and how to work with the clay in one piece giving it the best chance of not breaking when fired in a kiln. The children and families responded well to using the clay and the children showed great patience making the initial shape and then working more intently on the details.

The celebratory event was a great way to end the project with the children proudly exhibiting their figures around the chapel where local families and residents, GAF trustees and staff, friends of GAF, and a Find Your Talent- PUSH team member came to see the results of the children's hardwork.

The project introduced new families to GAF and with many positive comments it is hoped that families will come to back to take part in regular workshops and activities in the future.

  • “Such enthusiasm was generated, which even rubbed off on the attending parents who could then not resist dabbling at it themselves.

    This has been a thoroughly enjoyable and worthwhile activity. I have no hesitation in recommending it to all.”

    Mike McKeown, parent of Amy, 12 and Lucy, 6

    “I thought it was fun getting my hands covered in clay! Mine is a person in the snow.”

    Evie, age 7