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Discovering D-Day

‘Discovering D-Day’ is a two-year project with young people aged 8 – 18, an age group that museums find difficult to reach and whose involvement in heritage is limited.

1st February 2008 - 31st May 2010

The informal learning element of the project has allowed groups of young people to visit the D-Day Museum and then attend a short series of workshops, facilitated by professional creative practitioners, to develop and create their own personal response to the Museum’s collections.

PCMRS approached staff at Hillside Young People’s Centre at the beginning of January 2009 about offering the ‘Discovering D-Day’ project to the young people at the centre. It was felt that it would be very difficult to interest and engage the young people at the centre in an art project that was dependent on a museum visit unless more time and therefore funding could be found.

The additional funding provided by ‘Find Your Talent – PUSH’ created an opportunity for PCMRS to offer the young people at Hillside Young People’s Centre an extended art programme (developed and delivered by Gail Baird and Dan Bernard of 131 Design) including workshops at the centre and visits to cultural venues in Portsmouth and London.

The huge body and quality of the work by all the young people involved exceeded all expectations and their artwork was included in the celebration event marking the end of the ‘Discovering D-Day Project’ in April 2010. However it was felt that it was also important to find a more immediate outcome that was equally high profile and their work was also showcased in the exhibition ‘Margins’ at Ashcroft Arts Centre In February 2010.

Introducing the ‘M’ word – Engaging Young People with Museums and Cultural Services.

The original plan was to create a website to exhibit the work created by the young people however it was decided, following discussions with the young people, that a more sustainable and permanent legacy would be to publish a book reproducing their work as well as detailing the successes and pitfalls of the project.