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Natural Talent Records

Find Your Talent North Somerset has created Natural Talent Records, a record label providing young people with opportunities, skills, mentoring and signposting of progression routes in commercial music.

1st April 2010 - 29th December 2010

Natural Talent Records engages with young people through Youth Centres and other informal settings allowing the freedom to develop the credibility of an offer with industry connections out of school and to target those who are hardest to reach and may have little access to existing provision.

The offer will link with expertise and opportunities offered by the Commercial Music course at Bath Spa University with the aim of building a long term sustainable relationship.

The offer will focus on:

Skills workshops

  • Song-writing
  • Music performance (vocals and instrument tuition)
  • Using music software/programming
  • Recording studio practice
  • Music promotion and marketing

The skills workshops will reveal specific areas of interest which can then be developed into bespoke programmes.

The commercial music offer will generate a body of recorded material with the support of professional musicians in an A&R (Artiste and Repertoire) role.

The aim will be to develop the young people as bands/artists, and create opportunities for them that mirror the music industry and the skills to further their talent.

The young people will be supported with:

  • A professional mentor
  • Personalised skills training
  • A number of demo recording sessions
  • Possibly a music video of a song – in partnership with the media clubs being established in the 5 cultural hubs

The name and branding of the label will be developed as part of a Creative Media Diploma project at a Secondary School in North Somerset.

The recorded material will then be given exposure on a number of platforms including the Find Your Talent cultural partners Kiss 101 as well as Internet based radio, school and youth centre radio, Myspace, NUMU, Youtube and Facebook.

Performance Opportunities

The 6 bands will have the opportunity to showcase their new material on Friday 10 September as part of Streetfest event on the Beach Lawns in Weston-super-Mare.

For more information about the Find Your Talent North Somerset commercial music offer please contact;

Chris Blanden -

Lucy Hunt -