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Young people taking the lead

Selina, a 15-year-old from Liverpool, is involved in the National Young Person's Development Group.

Project: On the Street

Liverpool City Region

Selina got involved through working with a Find Your Talent project at Young Tate, working with asylum seekers. Young Tate gave her the idea to attend the workshops for the Young Person's Development Group.

Selina said: "Find Your Talent has been needed for quite a while, so young people have a better understanding of the world, and so they can improve their own. It's about improving the system that helps young people. I've learned how to develop a project in a group, working in a group of people from different backgrounds."

Selina left school in Year 10 and volunteered to help plan and organise the Youth Community Programme. In September, she is hoping to start a Creative Diploma at a local community college.