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Whitehouse Primary School Olympian Arts

A whole school and family learning project combining the school’s two equal passions: sports and the arts.

1st January 2010 - 31st May 2010

This project was designed to involve the children in a sport-inspired visual arts project to create a permanent 3D sculpture symbolic of the school’s commitment to offering a variety of opportunities to inspire and meet the needs/interests of every child and their families. Children, parents and staff will all work with a visual artist in drawing workshops to create designs that will then feed into the final sculpture.

  • To push creative and cultural activities to the forefront of the parents agenda.

  • Once the sculpture is in situ it will be used to develop a second stage of the ‘Olympian Arts Project’ to investigate another school’s relationship between sport and culture through another medium eg drama/dance/music. Ultimately this will mean that by the end of the FYT pilot (and the lead up to 2012 Olympics) Whitehouse Primary School will have a body of work which not only celebrates the 2012 Olympics, but that also demonstrates the impact of cultural engagement on community cohesion, continued professional development and opportunities for children and their families.

  • To create a piece of shared public art, aim to reduce antisocial behaviour and increase a sense of pride and own identity within the community.