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SPARK is a project for Primary Schools who wish to explore how drama techniques can raise standards of creative and imaginative writing.

1st September 2009 - 31st March 2010

The project intends to provide evidence of the effectiveness of drama as a tool for literacy. The results will be turned into a publication that will disseminate the findings to schools across Bolton.

Beginning with an overarching enquiry question for the project, “How can the use of drama raise standards of creative and imaginative writing?” 

the Octagon Theatre’s drama facilitator works closely with each class teacher and Head of each school to identify an enquiry question that is specific to each class and the literacy unit they were working on within the National framework such as “How does aural story telling and improvisation impact on boys writing in Year 5?”

To assess the impact of the SPARK sessions on these areas of literacy each teacher identifies four children to observe and assess over the duration of the project. These are children to whom the subject specific enquiry question was relevant.


SPARK is currently funded through sponsorship from Provident Finance and is offered free of charge. The initiative also enables activ8 to ‘widen access’ to schools who may not have the financial resources or perhaps have not yet been convinced of the power of Culture, to benefit from intervention from their local theatre.