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Due to the sensitive nature of the project and person, ‘Leanne’ is a pseudonym. Leanne is a young person diagnosed with mental illness. Before engaging with the Sound Minds group Leanne was living an isolated life. She had a very low self esteem and lacked in confidence. The Sound Minds group has improved her self image, helped her to make friends and take part in creative activities that she would not have otherwise experienced.

Project: Sound Minds

Bolton Council

Leanne was referred to Sound Minds through her mental health worker. During the time that Leanne has been attending Sound Minds her confidence has improved as she has tried new art forms and taken creative risks. She has tried things that she never thought she would do and been successful in her creative processes. This has resulted in a raised self esteem and improved self image. Leanne has now begun an art course at college and formed strong friendships with other members of the group. Her health has improved and she has expressed that the group has helped to normalise her experiences and discover new skills.