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Due to the sensitivity of the project and person, ‘David’ is a pseudonym. David is a young person diagnosed with mental illness. Before engaging with the Sound Minds group he was living an isolated life and smoking large amounts of cannabis. He had been sectioned on three previous occasions, didn't trust people and wouldn't engage with mental health services. He had a very low self image, no ambition and lacked in confidence. Attending Sound Minds has improved David’s quality of life.

Project: Sound Minds

Bolton Council

David was referred to Sound Minds through his mental health worker. The Sound Minds group was the only service that was able to spark David’s interest. David had always had a keen interest in music but had never been given the opportunity to pursue it. Sound Minds gave David a voice. It is a safe and nurturing environment that offers a variety of creative interventions. David chose to create music and lyrics that reflect his experiences and have helped him to process this. By attending the group weekly he has been able to form friendships with other members and reduce his social isolation. His confidence and self esteem has improved and David now attends other services offered by The Phoenix. David’s occupational therapist has reported his cooperation in engaging with health services and has found that the group has acted as a bridge to this as she has been able to develop a rapport with David and gain a greater understanding of his needs.

David feels accepted and has an improved self image. He is looking to the future with a more positive outlook.