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Securing cultural futures – building engagement and leadership opportunities for young people

‘Securing cultural futures’ supports young people to take on various leadership roles relating to Find Your Talent. It is about putting them at the heart of the Bolton pathfinder.

1st April 2009 - 31st March 2011

The Bolton Find Your Talent team has created 4 roles for young cultural leaders:

Cultural ambassadors – in this role young people act as ‘market researchers’, consulting with other young people at their school or within the organisation they represent. As ‘peer promoters’ they also encourage their friends and schoolmates to get more involved in cultural and creative activities offered by local organisations.

Peer Tutors – young people are being trained as Peer Tutors to take up roles within cultural organisations and schools and support their peers to participate in cultural activities.

Young Leaders – this role is around developing young people to use their talents to run cultural learning activities for other young people.  They will receive accredited ‘Lead Learner’ training delivered by the University of the First Age (UFA).

Arts Award Leadership Fund members – young leaders manage a pot of funding which young people can apply to in order to fund activities that will contribute towards the successful completion of an Arts Award.

A range of accreditation will be made available to young people involved in the leadership roles including AQA. ASDAN, Duke of Edinburgh, Junior Dance Leader and Arts Award.