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Performing for Success

Performing for Success aims to raise standards in literacy and ICT through learning based on theatre and performance

1st September 2008 - 31st July 2010

Performing for Success sessions last for eight weeks and begin with a night out at the theatre!  Young people are treated to a backstage tour, have a chance to meet and interview a director, or actor and other theatrical staff such as set and costume designers!  The course is built around the theatre production experienced by young people.  Each session includes drama and ICT based activity.  Drama workshops led by the Octagon’s Youth theatre team, Active8 aim to build confidence and self-awareness through script writing, directing and performing their own theatre pieces.  The Playing for Success team lead ICT and craft activity, setting the challenge to design, build, market and promote their own mini theatre and produce theatre programmes. The course ends with a BAFTA Ceremony (Bolton’s Absolutely Fabulous Theatre Awards) to which family and friends are invited to view the performances and work produced! 

The project aims to develop creativity, raise attainment and personal development.  Young people from Key Stage 3 also work on achieving a bronze level Arts Award, creating web pages on Apple Mac software for their arts award diaries.  The young people deliver a workshop to Key stage 2 groups, to pass on their skills.