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A Year 5 teacher on gamelan, puppetry and engaging children

I am the Year 5 teacher at Washacre Primary School in Bolton and have worked at the school for almost two years.

Project: Indonesia

Bolton Council

The project was valuable to me because I got the opportunity to experience working with people who I haven’t worked with before. I also got to experience playing a Gamelan which I had never even heard of prior to working on this project. This project has opened up new opportunities in terms of being more aware of the cultural organisations that are available to deliver workshops to enhance my teaching.

I found out about project through headteacher at school and was immediately interested in doing something different. I then liaised with Joanna Steele, the Teaching and Learning Consultant for Culture and Creativity in Bolton, with regards to linking the cultural activities to my planning.

I found the project extremely interesting as I got to learn something new as well. I also learnt about lots of cultural organisations in Bolton. During the project, the children in my class were extremely engaged in their learning.

They were eager to create play scripts for their own shadow puppet shows and enjoyed working with The Phoenix in Bolton to create the puppets and film their work. This project was very valuable since it enabled learners to access a wide variety of cultural and creative opportunities that they may not have come across before.