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The Great Fire of London

Embedding Culture and Creativity in the Curriculum

1st April 2009 - 31st July 2009

The Using Cultural Organisations to Raise Levels of Attainment (UCORLA) project based on The Great Fire of London aimed to provide year 2 children with access to both cultural and creative opportunities, with the support of a range of cultural partners, that linked to their work on The Great Fire of London during Literacy Art, P.E, Music, DT and ICT lessons. As part of the project, Bolton Library lent the school non-fiction and fiction books based on “The Great Fire of London” and the BSTC supported the school in re-creating The Great Fire of London. The children made Stuart Houses out of paper and used them to produced a model of Pudding Lane, which was then burnt in the afternoon. This workshop provided a good visual stimulus that they could use in their work with Artists in Schools, who supported the school in developing a section of a timeline based on the events of 1666. In addition, Bolton Museum delivered a workshop on life in Tudor and Stuart times and Activ8, with the support of staff from Bolton Museum, delivered “A Play in a Day” workshop at Smithills Hall based on the events surrounding the Great Fire of London.

The teacher expressed that the UCORLA project had provided fantastic opportunities for the children to see, experience and carry out activities related to their topic. The teacher also stated that the children responded well to the visual learning and drama activities.

Furthermore, the teacher commented that children, who she didn’t expect to, brought in photographs, pictures and books that they had made at home related to the topic. In addition, some children created their own plays related to the topic in their own time. This demonstrates that the children were inspired and enthusiastic about the topic. Moreover, the teacher brought to light the fact that one boy, who had a poor attitude to writing prior to the project, “absolutely loved” completing his information book based on the Great Fire of London. The teacher added that he knew exactly what he was writing because he had experienced it.

In addition, the teacher stated that she would provide the children with as many cultural opportunities as possible in the future due to the fact that the experiences that had been provided for the children during the UCORLA project had significantly impacted on their learning.