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Engaging with literacy in museums, libraries and galleries

Celebrating the role of museums, galleries and libraries in education.

18th February 2010

This continuing professional development (CPD) event for museum, art gallery and library facilitators from across the North West aimed to increase their familiarity with both the Renewed Primary Framework for Literacy and the new curriculum and provide opportunities to explore a range of practical activities that could be used.

During the day, the facilitators examined the strands from the literacy framework and considered which aspects of the framework they could support schools with. In addition, the facilitators explored the talk for writing materials and a wide range of speaking and listening activities that they could use in the sessions they delivered in their cultural organisations. The facilitators also had the opportunity to investigate the new primary curriculum and their more prominent role in supporting schools to deliver it.

The CPD event was described as well organised, efficient and informative and 89% of the facilitators rated the event as excellent.  They expressed that the most useful aspects of the session were the opportunity to find out about how they could fit into the new primary curriculum and responded well to the practical demonstrations of activities.

They also stated that the event had provided them with new ideas to develop their learning programmes both in the short term and long term. One facilitator added that the CPD event would have a big impact in her organisation as it had inspired her to ensure that more links to the renewed framework were made and a range of different literacy activities were introduced.