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Embedding culture and creativity in the new curriculum

The final report on the new primary curriculum was published in January 2010. The new primary curriculum aims to bring learning to life, raise aspirations and help the children to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

1st February 2010 - 31st March 2010

The new curriculum frameworkThe project enabled Key Stage Two teachers from two schools in different Local Authorities (Bolton and Wigan) to work with the Teaching and Learning Consultant for Culture and Creativity to explore ways in which cultural and creative opportunities could be embedded into a coherent and relevant curriculum that improves progression and attainment for all children. During the course of the project, planning overviews were produced that linked to a range of topics including:

  • The Vikings
  • Pirates
  • The Romans
  • The Rainforest
  • The Arctic
  • Water
  • The Lake District
  • Rivers
  • The Egyptians

Furthermore, Cultural and Creative opportunities were embedded in the planning with links to five of the six areas of the curriculum:

  • Understanding English, Communication and Languages (with a particular focus on the Speaking and Listening, Reading and Writing objectives)
  • Scientific and Technological Understanding (with a particular focus on the Science and Design Technology objectives)
  • Historical, Geographical  and Social Understanding (with a particular focus on the Citizenship, History and Geography objectives)
  • Understanding physical development, health and well-being
  • Understanding the Arts (with a particular focus on the Dance, Drama, Music and Art objectives)

The teachers will deliver the units of work during the second half of the spring term and the summer term.

  • The year three teachers expressed that they felt more confident planning cross-curricular links and believed that the use of cultural and creative links would bring the topic to life for the children. In addition, the year four teachers stated that they valued the support in providing the children with creative and cultural opportunities and welcomed the opportunity to plan from the new curriculum using a cross-curricular approach.

    Furthermore, the year five teachers expressed that they found the planning session both informative and enlightening. They added that the session highlighted the flexibility of the new curriculum and they realised the importance of promoting creativity. In addition, they conveyed that the felt both excited and inspired about the planning and delivery of the topic next half term.

    Moreover, the year six teachers expressed that the planning session had clarified their thoughts with regard to planning from the new curriculum and stated that it was useful in demonstrating how cultural and creative opportunities could be purposefully embedded into their planning.